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2018 MLSOK Committee Sign-Up

Sign-up for 2018 MLSOK committees has begun!

MLSOK, Inc. is a member-driven organization and values committee input for ideas, products and services programming. MLSOK committees are comprised of local real estate professionals who work with the MLSOK Staff and the MLSOK Board of Directors to achieve set goals. Serving on a committee not only enhances your experience with the MLS, it is a great way to network with fellow Real Estate professionals.

The deadline for 2018 committee sign-up is September 1, 2017. Committee appointments are for ONE year. If you are currently serving on a committee and wish to continue serving, you must still submit a sign-up form.

If you would like to be considered for a 2018 MLSOK committee appointment, please indicate on the form below those committees (in order of preference) on which you would like to serve. Seats are limited so we will contact you to let you know where you are needed the most. Unless there are reasons for confidentiality, all committee meetings are open for any member to attend as a non-voting guest (attendance must be approved before the meeting).

Please fill out your first, second and third preference, in the order of which you would most like to serve.

Click HERE for a description of each MLSOK Committee.

2018 MLSOK Committee Sign-Up

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**NOTE: This form only shows your interest in joining a particular committee and does not mean that you have joined that committee. All committees are appointed by the OKCMAR Board of Directors at their third quarter board meeting. A formal notice will be sent out once the Board has voted on the committee members.