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2018 OKCMAR RPAC Year Coming to a Close on a High Note

As OKCMAR counts down the days to the 2018 RPAC year’s ending, the celebration has already started. With three weeks left to the 2018 RPAC year, OKCMAR has already hit its RPAC goals for the year. While OKCMAR has not formally reached the 40% RPAC participation goal, we only need 5 more members to invest in RPAC and the goal will be hit. This means all new members who come in after the goalw ill set a record for RPAC participation at the $20 Fair Share contribution.

Having raised $82,416, OKCMAR has already surpassed the 2018 RPAC fundraising dollar goal of $68,280. This does not include Major Investor pledges of $6,000 which are outstanding.
This year we have reached and set another record by signing up 34 Major Investors. This will set a record of major investors, individual OKCMAR members who have given $1,000 or more to RPAC. OKCMAR has also reached another goal of 5 members who have signed up for the President’s Circle program. Besides being major investors, these individuals have agreed to donate another $2,000 to NAR selected members of Congress.

Congrats to the OKCMAR leadership for a job well done!

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