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Advertising FAQs Answered by OREC


Sherry Kueffler, OREC’s Acting Executive Director, explains:

  • The brokerage office number must be displayed on all yard signs. This is the only time the phone number is required
  • All other advertising, print or digital, must include an associate’s broker reference in such a way that the broker’s reference is prominent, conspicuous and easily identifiable. An associate my include a team name so long as it has been registered at the Commission, or a nickname or alias, both of which must be registered prior to its use.
  • An associate, with their broker’s authorization, may promote a seller incentive with the consent of the seller. The advertisement must clearly indicate the incentive is being offered by the seller and not the associate, and that the incentive only applies to the seller’s particular property or properties.
  • On websites, the broker reference must appear on every individual page and/or frame.


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