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Broker Involvement

bip It is vitally important to our industry to have our voice heard on Capitol Hill. Please consider joining NAR’s Broker Involvement Program to assist, the cost is free and they do all the work.

Are you a broker owner or managing broker? Are you involved with NAR’s Broker Involvement Program? This dynamic program provides you, the broker-owner, with a quick and effective tool to rally your agents on critical legislative issues affecting our industry.

The Broker Involvement Program offers you and your agents:

 A voice on Capitol Hill.
The program is an opportunity to bring a strong and united REALTOR® voice to Members of Congress. With over 17,000 broker owners and 475,000 agents in the program, the REALTOR® voice will be heard loud and clear.

 An easy-to-manage solution.
Nothing needs to be downloaded and there is no cost to the broker. NAR gives the broker-owner or managing broker access to the Broker Portal.

 Proven results.
Your online participation report will show you response rates on Broker Calls for Action are significantly higher. The message is from you, the broker, to your agents. Nearly 40 percent of all responses on the Broker Calls for Action are from agents in the Broker Involvement Program. Your agents listen to you then take action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions or need further information, please contact OKCMAR Government Affairs Director Gary Jones 841-5322 or email HERE.

Message from Keith Taggart:

Wow! Fellow Brokers, you must sign up for this program now. It’s incredible, FREE, and EASY.
After you sign up, you will get an occasional email (once every 3 months or so), asking for a “Broker’s Call to Action” when national legislation affecting us is about to come up for a vote. You only have to click one button and the system automatically emails all your agents with an email from YOU! (Your agents will think you are really on top of things . . . it makes you look like you are state-of-the-art with the latest technology and up with the Nation’s top real estate concerns.) Your agents then only have to click one button approving the action, and BOOM!! – – their support for the NAR call is automatic! The system knows who the individual agents’ Representatives and Senators are, and will automatically send emails to them! It’s just that easy!

We are in serious danger of losing the home mortgage interest deduction, flood insurance, and our government sponsored mortgage programs, like FHA and VA loans. Your help is critical to the survival of these programs. We believe our Congressman and Senators will hear our voices if we all participate in this program. Please, please! This is not more SPAM emails for you. This is an extremely important tool we need to use to promote laws that support our real estate industry . . . and it is so EASY. Sign up for the program now. I know you will be impressed with the power this tool brings and how easy it is to operate.

Thank you all,
Keith Taggart, OKCMAR Past-President