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Major Investors & Club Levels

RPAC’s Major Investor Program consists of an elite and passionate group of REALTOR® investors who partner with NAR to shape the political future of the real estate industry. Members of the Major Investor Program are eligible to participate in the RPAC Recognition Program, with specific benefits and accolades that acknowledge their support of RPAC.

With a minimum annual investment of $1,000, there are four levels within the RPAC Major Investor Program: Sterling R, Crystal R, Golden R and Platinum R. CLICK HERE to view the investment amounts for each level. For a list of benefits at each level, CLICK HERE.

To make your major investor investment CLICK HERE.

Club Levels

While Major Investors are critical to the future and the success of RPAC, we know everyone can’t give $1000 or more. We also know that we have many members who want to do more than $15. That is why there are special recognition program for those who give above the $15 Fair Share investment. They are

Leadership Club ($500-$999 annually)*

  • Leadership Club ribbon at all OAR events
  • Leadership Club award annually

Capitol Club ($250-$499 annually)*

  • Capitol Club ribbon at all OAR events
  • Capitol Club award

$99 Club ($99-$249 annually)*

  • $99 Club ribbon at all OAR events
  • $99 Club award

RPAC Investor ($15-$98 annually)*

  • Investor ribbon at all OAR events

To become a club level investor CLICK HERE.